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A good website can be a great marketing tool but

only if prospective clients are able to find it!

We’ll help you make the most of your website

by increasing your presence in search engine results.


Our results are instant. Your website will be visible on Page One of local searches immediately.


Powerful Marketing. Enhanced Visibility. Available Now.

Faster than SEO


Rankings Worth Braging About

Cheaper than Google Ads

The Product

What does it do?

Our marketing solutions dramatically increase your website’s visibility starting the day you sign on!

But what if...

Even older websites lacking traditional SEO can be made top ranking sites immediately.

What's in it for me?

This takes a website from being invisible data, quietly lazing around the internet, to being a passive client generator that you don’t even have to think about!

Increase your Click-to-Client ratio.

With the exposure that a front page website affords, you will be directly in eyeshot of potential clients who are looking to do business! More eyes on your website leads to more clients and having more clients increases your overall business. And with your spectacular service, why shouldn’t your new clients refer you to their friends?

A Little About US

RankCentric is a New Jersey-based web service founded by a group of friends who love to support small business in America. Our clients are other small businesses who want to take advantage of our powerful online marketing tools and grow their own local business. We want our clients to succeed and are happy to provide services which foster that success.

A Little About Our Clients

Ultimately, our clients are people who want more. More what? More clients, more security, more return on their website, more marketing, more control over their business, more referrals… If any of that makes sense to you, reach out!

The Numbers

#1 Rankings

Top 5 Rankings

Page 1 Rankings



How does it work?

In the same way a smart potential restaurant owner would look to lease premium space on a busy corner, we offer to rent out top ranking internet real estate. Once you’ve signed on, we apply our proprietary technology to have our top-ranked pages appear as a carbon copy of your website.  And, just like that, BAM! Page one, today.

What if there is a lapse in my service?

This hasn’t happened yet, but those are famous last words. Anyone have any wood to knock on? Jokes aside, if we lapse, we comp your down time. You shouldn’t have to pay for our services if we can’t provide them to you. We like to keep things simple.

Why should I invest money into making my website front page?

Little known fact, upwards of 95% of web searches never make it past the page one. And 85% of those page one searches end in the top 5 results. If you aren’t in the top five results in your service area when potential clients look to do business you are not seeing much, if any, return on your website.

What if I sign up and decide it’s not for me?

We will close your account with no hidden fees whatsoever. Way simpler than canceling a gym membership.  Again, we like to keep it simple around here.

Our Mission Statement

Our goal is to level the playing field between local small businesses and their larger competitors. 


We want to earn your business. If you have any questions we haven’t answered here, drop us a line.

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Reach Out!

Feel free to reach out to us about our service! We’re happy to answer questions regarding your specific needs. We can tailor our product and services to specifically fit you and your business. Be sure to ask about any of our running deals and referral programs.